How we made it

Matz products are manufactured under world-standard scientific rules and regulations. When it comes to abrasive particles and other selected materials in their semi-fluid state, for example, these are formed and molded less than 3,000 lbs. per square inch pressure into wheels, blocks, sticks and cones and then tempered and seasoned to reach a firm, tough, yet resilient texture.

The removal of light burrs and sharp edges from die stampings and sheared or punched pieces are typical applications. It is suitable for securing a slight radius wherever required - such as on gun parts and gears.

These rubberized abrasives are used extensively on aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, nickel, steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and other iron alloys, - also on gold , silver and various grades of gemstones, doing finishing work in one operation which normally required three and four.

Many of our products target typical applications:
  • Breaking edges
  • Polishing out high spots
  • Removing rust
  • Cleaning threads
  • Deflashing
  • and honing dies, blades and edged tools
  • Removing corrosion
  • Smoothing the edges of punched or sheared metals cleaning and polishing contact points
  • Engine Turning
  • Excess solder
  • Blending in welded seams after rough grinding
  • Demaskeening
  • Smoothing glass edges
  • Jewelry finishing
  • Gem stone sanding
  • Heat marks, scratches, light burrs, and others.

About us

Welcome to Matzrubber website, your premier destination for high-quality rubber abrasive products. With a steadfast commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction, we have established ourselves as a trusted leader in the rubber abrasives industry.

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Deburring Wheels
General Purpose

Harder and denser than light deburring and finishing wheels. Recommended for a variety of deburring, blending, and finishing applications, including removal of medium to heavy burrs, edge redressing, and deburring of punched holes on machined parts.

  • Loaded with additional abrasive grain for higher cut rates with less pressure, leading to extended wheel life.
  • Reduced heat generation avoids smearing problems.
  • Coating Advantages: Aluminum Oxide • Best used for economical, general-purpose grinding, deburring and blending ferrous and nonferrous materials. • High cut-rate and durability.

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Custom-molded Rubber

Specializing in rubber-to-metal bonding, we have been providing the highest quality custom-molded rubber products since 1954

Rubberized Abrasive

There is a need in every industry for rubber abrasive, and the Matz Rubber Company offers a shape for every job. as a more-or-less normal

Sanding Belt Cleaners

Keeping the abrasive surfaces of moving belts or rolls clean! Our products allow you such machinery to last longer and serve you better.